Royal Family Jewelry Collection Will Leave You In Shock

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Living the life of royalty seems like a fairytale, but behind every princess and queen there are some royal jewels. Here is a showcase of the biggest and best royal jewels.

Prince Willam’s proposal to Kate Middleton in 2010 made international attention, with a beautiful ring to commemorate this courtship. Kate’s ring is actually a family heirloom that was the same ring Prince Charles gave to the late Princess Diana, featuring a 12-carat oval sapphire with 14 solitaire diamonds and is set in 18-karat white gold.

This ring was created by the crown jeweler at the time, Garrard, costing £28,000 (equivalent to £98,000 in 2016) then and as of 2016 is worth £308,000.

The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, received a beautiful ring with sentiment from Prince Harry. Though this ring is not a royal family heirloom, Prince Harry custom-designed a ring for his new princess bride.

He ethically sourced the diamond found in Botswana, where the couple had their first vacation together. The center cushion cut stone is flanked by two round diamonds from a broach that belonged to her late mother. The ring is reportedly valued at $350,000.

The Queen has an iconic broach that she wears for special occasions dubbed “Granny’s Chips.” The brooch features two diamonds that were cut from the world-famous Cullinan diamond (the biggest diamond to ever be unearthed). The two diamonds are referred to as Cullinan III and Cullinan IV or the Third and Fourth Stars of Africa.

The top diamond Cullinan IV which is a square cut 63.3 carat diamond, with the Cullinan III pear-shaped 94.4 carat diamond suspended at the bottom. This brooch was introduced into the royal family in 1910 as a gift to Queen Mary from the South African government, including Cullinans V and VII through IX.

The current reigning Queen II gave the world’s most expensive brooch the nickname of Granny’s Chips and has only worn the brooch less than ten times during her reign, only for special occasions. Though the brooch is now priceless, one estimated value says it could be worth as much as £50,000,000.

The Brazilian Aquamarine jewelry set was gifted to Queen Elizabeth II in 1953 by the President of Brazil. The queen later had a matching tiara crafted from an additional collection of Brazilian stones.

Unlike other pieces of jewelry, this set truly personifies the Queen’s personal style and has worn this set multiple times during her reign. The value of this set is priceless, being considered apart of the royal jewels and a favorite of the Queen’s.

The Belgium Sapphire jewelry set with necklace and earrings were a wedding gift to the Queen from her father, George VI. The tiara was later added to the set, being purchased in 1963 from the same era to coordinate the jewelry set.

The value of the set is unknown since their value was unrecorded and is now deemed priceless.

The Duchess of Cornwall’s pink topaz choker is another big piece to the jewelry collection of the royal family. The five-strand pearl choker features a massive pink topaz in the center and is believed to be a gift to the Duchess from Prince Charles.

This piece best personifies the Duchess’ style since she loves chokers and wears a variety of them. The value is considered like most pieces of the royals jewels collection, priceless.

Another iconic piece owned by the Duchess of Cornwall is the amethyst heart necklace, with a pair of matching earrings to complete the set. The stones started with the royal family lineage as a gift to the Queen Mother when she married in 1923 and eventually were inherited by the Queen.

As you may have guessed the value of this set is considered priceless. To check out all these amazing pieces of the royal jewels collection, check out the video above.

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