Selena Gomez Is Releasing A Long-Awaited Album


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Our musical prayers have been answered: Selena Gomez is putting out an album. Following the huge success of her two hits Lose You to Love Me and Look at Her Now, which were both tied to her past breakup with longtime boyfriend Justin Bieber, the rest of the album is a little more current-Selena focused.

While the breakup may have been years ago, Selenas confesses that it wasn’t until recently that she felt ready to talk about and ready to sing about it. With that part of her life now closed and behind her, the rest of the album details everything else that has been happening in her life since her last album—lessons learned, emotions felt, and stories to be told.

The album, titled Rare, will feature her two recent hits alongside 11 new original songs, featuring collaborations with 6lack and Kid Cudi. And according to Gomez, the album is already complete! It’s been complete for some time now since it was back over summer that she told Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight Show that it was done and just needed some finishing touches.

The album is pop-focused with some sub-genres and sounds throughout that tailor to Selena’s personal music favorite. She told Fallon that fans can expect “electric guitar, a lot of more soulful tracks, acoustic guitar…” to support the overarching pop theme. Her album is set to come out on January 10th. She released a trailer for the album on December 12th, giving snippets of some songs and music videos.


Author: Jessica Ralph

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