Selena Gomez Shares Netflix Docuseries ‘Living Undocumented’ On Instagram

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Selena Gomez is one in a long list of celebrities that are speaking out against the current political climate and the issues that are upfront in the United States today. Right, wrong, or indifferent, it’s nice to see people speaking out for what they believe in and sharing their views with others.

There is more to Selena Gomez than what people think. Other than the hugely popular singer and actress, Selena Gomez has stepped out into a new direction and has released a new docuseries on Netflix focusing on the lives of immigrants. “Living Undocumented” will focus on the immigration issue in the United States and the lives of the many undocumented families.

In a recent post on Instagram, Selena Gomez commented, “These are real people in your community, your neighbors, your friends- they are all part of the country we call home. I can’t wait for you guys to see this and hope it impacts you like it impacted me.” The goal of her series is to show everyone how undocumented immigrant families live and survive and to share some of their heartwarming stories firsthand.

Author: Tom Jacobs

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