Simple Parenting Methods To Make Your Baby A Genius


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Raising a child comes with a series of firsts with one of the most important being their first word. Teaching your child how to speak might seem difficult but there are a couple of techniques to help your baby start speaking sooner.

Through research studies, scientists found that babies are the most receptive when parents speak “parentese.” Parentese is a technique when parents modulate their voices in a higher pitch and giving pauses for their baby to respond while slowing your speech rate.

Talking to your baby is important so they can learn speech and how to interact with others that helps to prepare them for school. It’s recommended to start talking to your baby as soon as possible after birth.

Another key to parentese is to exaggerate the rise and fall in your voice to sound happy and positive that encourages your baby to engage in communication. A study shows that parents who engaged in parentese with their babies were producing more words than other babies who didn’t at 14 months old.

Reading to your child from birth is also crucial in developing your baby’s social and cognitive development while also preparing them for school. Studies show that parents who talk to their children, they’re more likely to realize their developmental potential.

Author: Dirk Lawson

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