The 7 Foods That Are The Best For Your Liver

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The liver is the most powerful organ in the body and what many people forget to take care of. From smoking to drinking it is easy to forget to take care of your liver, but here are foods you can eat to keep the organ strong and healthy.

Tea is one of the easiest ways to keep your liver in good condition. A Japanese study showed that drinking 5 to 10 cups of green tea a day improves blood marker in liver health.

Grapefruit is a bitter and tart fruit, but the antioxidants naturally protect the liver. Eating grapefruit can reduce inflammation and protect the cells while also reducing the development of hepatic fibrosis.

One of the more popular fruits, grapes contain a variety of beneficial plant compounds. Red and purple grapes are the ones that people wanting to have a healthy liver should eat.

Beetroot juice is a perfect source of nitrates and antioxidants that may benefit heart health and reduce oxidative damage and inflammation. Though you may want to just eat beets for positive effects to your liver, it’s beetroot juice that increases natural detoxification enzymes.

Olive oil has many health benefits, but for the liver olive oil will improve liver enzymes and fat levels.

Author: Maya Dixon

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