‘The Pack’ Is The First Travel Competition Show With Dog Contestants

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You might remember the popular travel show “The Amazing Race” in which contestants would travel in a race around the world by completing challenges inspired by the culture of each location. Amazon Prime has brought back this travel contest with a new spin in which each contestant competes with their dogs.

That’s right a competition travel show for dogs and it’s a great series to watch for the whole family. ‘The Pack’ is hosted by Olympic gold medal skier and animal philanthropist, Lindsey Vonn, along with her adorable Cavalier King Charles spaniel and co-host, Lucy.

The journey starts with 12 contestants that are split into two groups forming the Blue and Green teams that compete against each other in weekly challenges in different locations around the world. The production team for “The Pack” provided constant veterinarian services to keep the dogs safe through challenges and how the dogs trained before the challenges to prepare them for the competition.

The production notes of the show also educate on dog training for various activities and services skills including scent work, tricks, and balance training. “The Pack” offers insight into the culture of each location including the background of dog culture for each region.

The 12 contestants all have different dogs with different advantages in the competition thanks to special skill sets based on their training, lifestyle, and breed type. “The Pack” isn’t just a competition, the show gives back to dog charities for the locations visited while raising awareness for dog charities around the world.

“The Pack” donated $250,000 to multiple animal rescue organizations and charities that were featured in the show. The winner of “The Pack” wins $500,000 with $250,000 for the winning team and $250,000 for the winner’s animal charity of choice.

This show is more than just a competition, it’s one of Amazon’s biggest acts of philanthropy for animals around the world. You can watch “The Pack” now on Amazon Prime.

Author: Karli Wallace

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