The Top 3 Cities With The Worst Air Quality In 2019

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According to the recent reporting from The Associated Press, the U.S. air quality has fallen after decades of improvement. Based on Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) data, the AP found that there were 15% more bad air days per city last year than the average from preceding years.

In regards to those reports, here are the top 3 cities with the worst air quality in 2019.

Coming in third, Yakima, Washington has recently been reported as having the worst air the city has ever recorded. Due to its location in a valley makes it harder for polluted air to escape. While that is terrible for both the city and the ozone, Yakima is at least faring a little bit better than Missoula, Montana.

Located in the northern Rockies, Missoula has ranked among the healthiest in the country in terms of ozone, but wildfires are increasingly threatening its air quality. This spring, wildfire smoke from Canada drifted into the city and created unhealthy conditions for sensitive groups.

Finally, the city with the worst air quality in the U.S. is Seneca Falls, New York. Home to the 1848 women’s rights convention, the area’s air is typically clean. However, in 2019 the city’s air quality has become unhealthy for sensitive groups on 11 of the 16 days reported.

Author: Lilly Roberts

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