These 3 Things Will Make You The Happiest Person

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For some people finding true happiness isn’t as easy as it seems, however, for others they have found that desire. The saying “money doesn’t buy you happiness” seems to be true because health and marital status do.

According to a survey, people have now prioritized marriage over having a job, which five years ago topped the list of things that made people happy. In order to measure happiness, a questionnaire is given to responders who then give a mark out of ten for how happy they are, how satisfied with life, how far they feel their lives are worthwhile and how anxious they are.

What they learned from the survey is that “marital status appears to matter more for people’s life satisfaction than it did six years before, while economic activity contributed less.” Married people rated their life satisfaction 9.9 percent higher than widows and widowers, and 8.8 percent higher than divorced or separated people.

If marriage isn’t in the cards for yet, then the economic activity may be what’s making you the happiest. “How we spend our money matters,” the Office of National Statistics said. “When comparing people with the same level of spending, those able to spend a higher share on experiences – such as hotels and restaurants – are more likely to be very satisfied with life than those spending more on food, insurance, and mobile phone subscriptions.”

The final thing that makes people happiness should be a no brainer, but it’s good health. When you’re healthy and free of any terminal illnesses it’s easier to live a fulfilling and care-free life. However, being riddled with stress and health concerns can and will affect your mood.

Author: Lilly Roberts

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