5 Steps To Improve The Way You See Yourself

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No matter how hard you try, sometimes staying positive can be toxic. There’s such a thing as toxic positivity. We are all learning that it’s okay not to be okay all the time.

However, some steps will help you love yourself more. Self-love includes respect, higher self-esteem, and overall, a naturally more positive attitude. Try these tips, use them daily, and watch that positivity become part of you.

Celebrate Your Body

It’s not about your height or your weight. Celebrate what your body does for you every day. It can take you places, give you babies, earn you money and more, so be grateful. It sounds so small, but people are so focused on significant results that they often forget to be thankful for what they already have.

Rethink Your Thinking Patterns

If you want to spend a day sulking, that’s up to you. But why not use that same energy on bringing constructive thinking into your life? Imagine all the things you can do when your mind is not in self-criticizing mode. Meditate, be grateful, but if you need time to be sad, do it. Pat yourself on the back and let your mind come up with solutions, not more problems.

Me Time

If you want to feel good in your skin, it is essential that you feel equally well in your mind and thoughts. In this whole process, it is of great importance that you have time for yourself, in the sense that you do the things you love as opposed to the things you have to do. If you’re not sure where to start, try yoga, take long walks in nature, or the popular digital detox. Put down your phone and be present.

End Toxic Relationships

When we say relationships, we also include toxic friendships. If you have someone who’s always putting you down or filling you with negativity, rethink that friendship. Do not get caught up in a web of other people’s negative emotions.


What makes you smile? Puppies? The Office? Watch something relaxing and funny. Read jokes or hilarious books. There is so much love and warmth in laughter that it should be a mandatory subject in schools. Just think how different we would all feel if we knew the power of laughing.

Author: Karli Wallace

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