Traveling In 2020 Based On Your Star Sign

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New year, new traveling experiences. Where to go next? Let’s see what the planets have to say about that! Deciding where to go next is one of the hardest choices. Traveling is an exciting, soul-changing experience, but we often have no idea what we need. Is it a relaxing spa-like activity or an unforgettable adventure? Usually, a bit of both, so let’s see what stars have to recommend.

2020 is a spiritual journey for Aries. They are always full of energy, but often, they are missing guidance. Find it on magical Easter Island, or Peak Kalash, one of the most sacred Tibetan sites. If you’re looking for something a bit more conventional, go to Stonehenge or Bath’s Roman thermal spa also in England.

Taurus needs a bit more spontaneity in their life. That’s why inspiring scenery will boost their energy. Visit colorful Cuba or enjoy Botswana’s pioneering eco-tourism. For a tranquil escape that includes beaches, cliffs, and wildlife, Wales’ Barafundle Bay is the ideal choice.

Gemini is going to find traveling stimulating in 2020. Glamorous St Moritz, Switzerland, Dublin, capital of Ireland, or even glorious Alaska will give them mental and physical inspiration and tranquility.

Cancer is looking for emotional freedom, and on that path, any destination that heals the heart and inspires the soul should be part of the traveling list. From tracing Incas in Peru to powdery, sandy beaches of Barbados, Cancer is going out of the comfort zone, into freedom.

Leo is the biggest summer lover, due to the simple fact that Leos are born during the warmest months. Always ambitious, Leo has to be mindful this year to avoid burn out syndrome. Vacation in New York, Paris, London, or Copenhagen is energetic, yet fulfilling and just crazy enough for a typical Leo.

Any country or city that enables them to embrace clean living, the arts, spirituality, or rich culture and history will stimulate Virgos in 2020. Los Angeles, USA, Tulum, and Holbox, Mexico, or the Scottish Highlands are going to make Virgos feel like they rule the world.

Libra is learning a lot in 2020, mostly about themselves and their partners. Traveling to Rio de Janeiro or Maldives, samba, and endless beaches, that’s what Libra needs to feel balanced, both with themselves as well as in the relationship.

Scorpios are facing changes, personally and professionally. That’s why they need to travel to places that spark emotions. Think Istanbul, Egypt, areas of history and mystery.

To gain a new perspective, open spaces and areas that stimulate the imagination are crucial and will allow Sagittarius to regroup their energy and overall clarity. That’s why 2020 for Sagittarius is not just about the journey, but the destination as well. Maybe Hawaii or Maldives? Perhaps Tuscany or Inverness in Scotland will spark the charming energy this sign is known for.

Capricorn is looking for joy and fun. This is a challenging year, so traveling to Japan, India, Bahamas, exploring exquisite cuisine, and vibrant and colorful cities are going to be a healing adventure.

With the main focus on careers, Aquarius needs more extraordinary life moments. A week-long escapade in the arctic will stimulate Aquarius. Spending a few nights in Finland will connect them with nature. At the same time, the spiritual heart of England, Glastonbury, is a lovely combination of ancient myths of Avalon and historical sites like The Tor to visit.

Pisces are looking for their place in the world. This means one thing: connecting with mother Earth. Niagara Falls and the water mist is one of the places to explore. Continue to artistic Berlin, Germany, and finish the year in Bolivia while exploring Pink Lake.

Author: Milica Jarić

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