What To Do In New Orleans

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New Orleans is a fantastic travel destination. The culture, architecture, and food are so different from the rest of the United States that it can often feel as though you are even visiting another country. When you go to New Orleans, there are some activities that you can’t leave without doing.

One of the best parts of Nola is the food and drinks. When you go, take some time to explore the different restaurants and order gumbo, jambalaya, crawdads, a po’ boy, and oysters. The seafood there is absolutely to die for. What’s more, their drinks are on a whole other level. Classic bevvies include the hurricane, frozen daiquiris, and anything else that can cool you off on a hot day.

New Orleans is filled with a rich history that is worth exploring. While you are there, walk through the French Quarter to check out the old, French style buildings. Take a ghost tour at night to get a feel for the spooky past that haunts the city. Visit a plantation and the World War II museum and learn about the dark history of America.

Finally, New Orleans also has an interesting and unique ecosystem. The Mississippi River, the bayou, and swamps make for geography that many people have never seen before. I suggest taking a swamp tour by boat or kayak. You will travel through the waters and see gators, turtles, birds, and all kinds of other wildlife.

Author: Dani Rumbagh

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