You Can Now Rent Clothes From Urban Outfitters

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If it has been your dream to dress like you are going to Coachella every day of the year, but without the money to pay for it, your luck has changed. Urban Outfitters announced that it is now offering a rental service thanks to a subscriber service called Nuuly.

The service will cost roughly $88 a month and will allow customers to pick six items, up to a combined value of $800, to rent, wear and return the clothes when done. Like many subscriber services, Nuuly will also offer the opportunity to purchase any of the rented items customers like.

The service has started with 1,000 items of clothing with 100 more items being added every week until the end of the year, including Urban Outfitters’ in-house brands from the Anthropologie and Free People lines. Customers will also be able to rent from Urban’s “rare vintage” selection and a variety of designer labels.

The rental service has launched in hopes that the sales will help the struggling brand who has suffered from a decline in foot traffic in its retail stores. This decline is due to more younger shoppers leaving the retro, 70’s trend and buying more clothes from resale apps, Instagram shops, and digital retail stores.

According to Urban Outfitters, Nuuly is intended to be “the paradox of a millennial’s quest for constant fashion newness alongside the desire for a more sustainable lifestyle.”

Author: Maya Dixon

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