Why Double Masking Is Becoming A More Popular Option

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Wearing a face mask has become a normal part of daily life living through a global pandemic but the CDC is starting to recommend double masking. The CDC is studying the best health practices to ensure the public can protect themselves and it seems that wearing two masks is better than one (according to a CDC study.)

The CDC updated mask-wearing guidelines with new recommendations for wearing masks with double masking providing the most protection according to a recent study. It’s recommended to double mask by wearing a combination of cloth mask covering and medical procedure mask.

The CDC recommends double masking as layering face masks to help reduce the number of respiratory droplets containing COVID-19 that come through the mask. The guidelines for double masking recommend wearing a cloth face mask over a medical disposable face mask with the alternative of wearing one face mask with multiple layers of cloth.

Double masking can also improve the fit by pressing the inner mask closer to the face to help reduce air leaks around the edges. Wearing two masks helps to improve the filtration that helps prevent contaminants from passing through the mask.

The CDC testing how effective different face masks protect wearers with double masking having the highest results blocking 85.4% of cough particles and reduced exposure rates by 83% that spread the COVID-19 virus.

Wearing a single mask provides a lower level of protection with an unknotted medical procedure mask blocking 56.1% cough particles and a cloth mask blocked 51.4% cough particles. These findings are leading more to consider instituting double masking as a common practice including the Biden administration and Manhattan federal court buildings.

Nearly all participants and members of the Biden administration were double masking at the presidential inauguration back in January. The President and First Lady are often seen double masking for public occasions and press conferences.

New York added a double-mask requirement for the federal court district’s COVID-19 “phased re-entry plan” enacted on February 11 that will be imposed on people entering the building. The new requirements also exclude the wearing of less protective face coverings including masks with vents/valves, gaiters, and bandanas.

Author: Fae Turner

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