5 Simple Drilling Life Hacks You Didn’t Know About

Bella Breakdown

Check out these 5 super easy life hacks using a drill.

1. Transform your manual cheese grater into an effortless contraption by adapting the crank to be able to fit on the end of your drill.
2. Make your own hand mixer by using only a beater and your drill. Simply attach the beater to the drill bit and voilà! The wet and dry ingredients for your pancakes will be mixed in no time.
3. Having trouble removing that pesky cork out of your favorite wine bottle? No problem – just drill a screw into the cork and remove the cork with a set of pliers.
4. If you want to peel an apple in no time, insert the drill bit into the apple core and allow it to spin slowly while you hold your peeler against the skin of the apple.
5. Do you love freshly ground pepper? Remove the top of the pepper grinder and attach your drill to the turning mechanism. For these ideas and more, watch this video.

Which one is your favorite?

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