Coca-Cola’s New Flavor

Bella Breakdown

Coca-Cola is no stranger to adding in new flavors to their brands. They have Cherry Coke, and Vanilla. Coca-Cola is now introducing cinnamon flavored Coca-Cola. They’re bringing it out just in time for the holidays. We all love those really cute polar bear Coca-Cola commercials. The only bad news is, if you’re in the United States, you’re going to have to hop across the pond to get this new flavor.

The U.K. has also introduced Diet Coke flavors such as Twisted Mango, Georgia peach, and California Raspberry. Ironic that we wouldn’t have those last two flavors state side. The new “festive flavor” is cinnamon flavored and is complementary to the spice provided by natural Coca-Cola flavors. They are also offering this new cinnamon flavor with zero sugar as well.

I can’t help but wonder why Europe, Japan, the UK, and China get all of the fun flavors for everything? Why haven’t we gotten any crazy Coke flavors, or Dorito flavors, or Oreo flavors.

Granted, wasabi and buffalo sauce Oreos don’t seem to be what I’m craving, but still I want the option! Just like I want the option to be potentially grossed out by a crazy Coca-cola flavor. It’s about choices, I thought we were the land of the free!

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