Don’t Let Holiday Stress Get To You

Bella Breakdown

If you aren’t one of the kinds of people that starts playing Christmas music the second Halloween is over, you might also be one of the kinds of people that really stresses over the holidays. The idea of having to deal with a lot of family at your house, the thought of how much money you’ll be spending on food, decorations and gifts, having to travel a long way, or just having to explain as to why you’re still single can be really stressful. But, there are ways to make sure that the holiday stress doesn’t get to you.

1. Stick to your holiday budget. It’s okay to stay on the lower end of the budget, especially if you’re trying to save up for something bigger. No one is going to be upset that their gift was only $25, instead of $50.

2. Bargain hunt! Don’t talk yourself into the idea that by shopping on sale, you are being a cheap gift giver. People are not going to notice.

3. Make a gift. Baking, building, or writing is a great way to create a beautiful, one of a kind gift, without breaking the bank. Trust me, your family and friends would rather you pay rent than buy them something.

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