How Working From Home Could Save You So Much Money

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Working from home is probably one of our favorite luxuries. But have you considered how much money you would actually save if you never had to go into the office? According to Moneyish, a person who works from home 100% of the time saves an estimated $444 each year in gas. That total is cut in half for people who only work from home 50% of the time. Data from SMS & Text Marketing Services showed that Atlanta residents who worked from home saved the most. Meanwhile, San Antonio residents saved the least.

Remote employees are less likely to eat out or spend money on coffee. One studied showed that many Americans spend $3,000 each year on lunch and coffee alone. Other expenses cut from working at home include makeup and clothing. There is nothing like spending an 8 hour work day in your pajamas.

Additionally, your schedule can be more flexible. If you have a job where deadlines are important, as long as you get your project done in time, you can work at 2 in the afternoon or 2 in the morning. If your work schedule isn’t as flexible, you can still use your break times to do things you wouldn’t be able to do in the office, such as a 15 minute yoga stretch, take a quick power nap, or even a mundane task such as folding a load of laundry. Avoiding office politics and distractions, as well as saving time and money are a win-win for at-home workers.

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