ROYFACC Night Light Touch Sensor Lamp Is The Best Addition To Any Kids Bedroom

ROYFACC Night Light

Putting my kids to bed is always a chore. Ever since they started sleeping on their own there is always something…I can’t fall asleep, I need a toy, I need the light on. The “I need the light on” comment is pretty persistent in our home and I’ve tried everything. Dimming the lights, wall plug-in lights, but the one that worked the best is the ROYFACC Night Light Touch Sensor Lamp.

The Perfect Addition To Your Kids Room

This touch-activated lamp is seriously the perfect addition to any kids room. Rest nightlight providing soft light for midnight and stays cool throughout the night for safety, with high sensitivity touch panel just touch for 3-4 seconds can easily power on/off and switch light modes. Simply tap the control panel on the top and change the colors you want, comfortable for rest and relaxation after a long day of playing.

One of my son’s favorite features is the vibrant colors and 8 color cycling. Automatic cycling a wide range of colors from the red green blue spectrum. Brightness adjustable and 360° lighting is also super awesome. The night light includes 3 brightness level of warm white light, just tap the touch control panel to toggle soft, moderate, high bright for relaxing background illumination, enjoyable and easeful for relaxation.

Rechargeable night light has built-in Li-ion battery with a micro USB charge port, charge it at any time and no longer worries about the power off, no longer waste your money for batteries, full charged battery work up to 8h with min brightness, 4h with max brightness.

Final Thoughts

We seriously LOVE this nightlight. It has helped our son out so much with bedtime. For the latest deals, you can follow them HERE! For a limited time, you can save 32% off on Night Light touch lamp at ROYFACC using the referral code WHOABELLA HERE!

Author: Samantha Key

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