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As we usher in the new year, the fashion and beauty world have made researches on what to expect in the year 2019. Self inspiration site, Pinterest, has revealed the makeup trends for 2019 from the most searched and pinned posts from users. Your individual style do not have to clash with trends but it is sometimes great to add new trends before it gets too popular. Here are the trends said to make waves in 2019:

Berry Lipsticks
First on the list is bold and pouty lipsticks, it might be time to say goodbye to clear lip gloss and nude lipstick. You do not have to necessarily go out bare faced these coming days, instead add a dab of matte dark red lipstick for work or a walk down the street.

Natural Lash Lifts
It might be the year to dish a lot of things, natural lashes might be the new falsies. Fashion enthusiasts seem to lean towards growing their natural eyelashes with essential oils like castor oil, olive oil, and aloe vera. Healthier looking lashes are the belle of the ball for 2019.

Glossy Makeup
Foiled eye makeup searches on Pinterest increased by 169% in 2018 and it is expected to increase in the new year. Foiled eye makeup are dewy or wet in appearance, they add a shimmery effect to the face. It is very easy to get this look, just use a damp brush when next you apply your eyeshadow or you could buy already made foiled eyeshadow at the beauty store.

If you are not a fan of shimmery eye makeup, a dab of it into the inner corners of your eye or brow bone would give your face the lift it deserves.

Remember, you could always include a bit of you into this trends. Make it work for you.

Author: Anastasia Smith

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