Airbnb Shares The Trending Destinations For The Fall

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Fall is coming very fast which means it’s time to get those last-minute vacations in. To help you determine where exactly you should go, Airbnb has released its list of the top trending destinations for the 2019 fall season.

Regina, Canada topped the list year moving up 328 percent. As the capital of the Canadian province of Saskatchewan, Regina has much to offer visitors and residents alike. Spending time here means visiting museums, parks, science centers, and even a castle.

Our president may not have a good relationship with the Latin countries but that doesn’t mean travelers have to suffer. Culebra, Puerto Rico, made the trending destination list at number five. Being a destination that caters to tourists, it’s ironic that Culebra has made the list. Don’t expect to stay in a large hotel, but do expect to see stunning beaches of white sand. Culture and architecture are just as colorful as the waters of the bright blue sea.

If leaving the country isn’t something you’re able to do, don’t worry because Anderson, South Carolina made the list at number eight. For those wanting to explore the greatness and history of America will surely enjoy a trip to Anderson. With museums, lakes and plenty of farms to visit you are sure to have a good ol’ fashion entertaining time.

Author: Brittany Jones

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