Alternative Workouts To Try Outside Of The Gym


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Getting in a good workout often means taking a trip to the gym, but if you’re not interested in going to the gym you might be in luck. There are plenty of fun ways to workout outside of the gym that you can enjoy with friends.

Yoga In The Park
Enjoy a nice relaxing yoga session in the local park to truly become one with nature and increase your energy flow. You can take a guided class with your local yogi or meet up with your friends for a fun flow session.

Running or Hiking Trails
A majority of parks have community running and hiking trails for a fun outdoor workout while enjoying your local park. Some parks have running trails with exercise equipment and challenge to complete along the way.

Geocaching Biking
Geocaching is a fun recreational activity to explore while biking for a fun scavenger hunt with the help of GPS. Geocaches are stashed in fun containers in your local community that has a collection of fun small items left behind by others who found it before. Geocaching turns biking into a fun scavenger hunt activity.

Snorkeling At Your Local Beach
Swimming is a great full-body workout and snorkeling is a great way to enjoy a nice swim workout. Do some research if you don’t already know a good snorkel spot at your local beach and enjoy the local marine life. If you’re not close to a beach, another fun alternative is to take dive lessons or go for a swim at your local community pool.

Author: Sue Swinea

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