Are You Daring Enough To Try This New Wedding Ring Trend?

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Bella Breakdown

There’s a new trend emerging in the wedding ring community. It’s not that people are ditching rings or replacing them with tattoos. No, it seems people are keeping their rings, but just getting them pierced instead.

That’s right, couples are now choosing to get dermal piercings with diamonds that appear to float atop the finger as a new trendier way of wearing their wedding rings. While the ring piercing may seem like a good idea at first, experts say that the ring finger takes roughly a year to accept the embedded ring.

In order to perfectly get the ring pierced, the “ring” is placed with a dermal anchor. Unlike traditional piercings that go in one side and exit the other, to place a dermal stud, piercers must first remove a circle of skin with a dermal punch before using small forceps to insert a “dermal anchor into the resulting hole.” The bling is then attached to the anchor.

Seems a little risky for a piercing that could be involved in its own freak accidents like catching your hand on something or the ring being ripped out of your skin.

Author: Lilly Roberts

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