Autumn Casserole Recipes To Make Your Mouth Water

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Summer is over and that only means one thing: sweatpants and comfort food! No more grilling or fresh salads; fall and winter are all about the comfort food that warms your body and fills your heart. And this casserole recipe should put you and everyone else into the fall mood.

Fall is a wonderful time of year. The air is getting colder, pumpkin spice flavor is hitting all of your favorite foods, and it’s a good excuse to eat hearty comfort foods on the regular. Casseroles come to mind as fall foods and for a good reason. With these easy recipes, you can be cooking your new favorite casserole in no time at all.

Turkey-noodle-poppyseed casserole is a good easy fall dish. The combination of turkey and poppyseed makes for a good transition from the fresh summer to the hearty fall and the noodles scream all comfort food.

Another favorite is a cheesy sausage and croissant casserole. The combination of sausage and cheese mixed with a croissant base makes this casserole a sure hit for every member of the family.

Author: Taylor Basilio

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