Awesome DIYs For Your Car

Bella Breakdown

Now, I’m not sure about you but I’m organized in almost every part of my life except for my car. It is a mess, and no matter how much I clean it, it always ends up with sand in it. When did I go to the beach? If I leave something in the car, I can be sure I’ll never find it again.

There are old cups, papers, and a lot of fries from fast food restaurants. I tell myself all of the time I’m going to do something with the mess that is my car, but I’m just not sure what! Luckily there are some awesome DIYs you can do for your car, that are cheap and resourceful.

1. Tissue Holder
Cut the top of your coffee cup and stuff with tissues for an easy, recyclable tissue box.

2. Phone Holder
Using just a rubber band and a paper clip, you can easily create a cheap phone holder.

3. Cupcake Wrapper
Use a cupcake wrapper for your cup holders will keep all of those crumbs and dirt from accumulating.

4. Paint Sponges
Using small paint sponges are perfect to clean dust and dirt from small places, such as the air vents, in your car.

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