Celebrate National Puppy Day With These Fun Puppy Facts

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Today happens to be one of the cutest national holidays, National Puppy Day, and there is more to puppies than just being adorable. Taking care of a puppy is a big responsibility and these puppy fun facts might just shock you.

Taking care of a puppy requires a lot of walks with most puppies needing to be walked 15 minutes after eating and it’s recommended to pick one potty spot for your pup. Having a certain potty spot for your pup will designate a spot that smells like a bathroom and going in a different spot each time will confuse the pup.

Puppies are born with their eyes close that will open after three weeks and the first sense they experience is touch with the recommendation to handle them gently. Puppies might have their bursts of energy but they compensate for burning this energy with a lot of sleep spending 15-20 hours a day sleeping (human babies sleep around 16 hours a day.)

How can you tell a puppy from an adult dog? Puppies have deemed adults when they turn one-year-old which is equivalent to 15 human years. Most puppies look similar but some puppies can actually be twins. A scientist in South Africa conducted a DNA test among a set of puppies with the results showing they are genetically twins.

It is hard to resist the urge to ‘baby talk’ around a puppy but researchers have found puppies respond to it while adult dogs could care less. One of the best fun facts about puppies is a discovery by Japanese researchers that looking at pictures of cute baby animals helps people focus better. Hopefully, you’ll feel more focused after this article filled with cute puppies.

Author: Chaz Page

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