Choosing Pets Over Kids? You’re Not Alone!

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Don’t be so quick to judge the crazy cat lady next door. According to new statistics, more people are ditching the traditional family life for a life with pets.

The family unit as we know it is changing and has been changing slowly since the mid-2000s. No more are the days of traditional married couples with 2.5 kids and a white picket fence. It seems that more and more couples are choosing to have “furry children” over having traditional kids.

In 1970, roughly 40% of couples had children but roughly 40 years later, only 20% of married couples had children, according to the US Census Bureau. And the trend isn’t slowing down. In fact, the numbers of childless couples are increasing year by year but don’t fret, white picket fences are still a thing.

On the flip side, it isn’t about the money. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, couples today are spending more money on their pets than couples with children spend on their kids. From 2007- 2011, childless couples have spent exponentially more for their furry children than traditional kids.

Author: Kate Masters

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