Creative Christmas Traditions From Around The World

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Christmas might be celebrated all around the world but different cultures celebrate this holiday with some creative traditions. We celebrate some of the most unique Christmas traditions around the world.

The Christmas Tree Pickle
This fun tradition started in Germany around the 16th century in which a pickle is hidden somewhere within the Christmas tree and the child who finds it gets a gift as a prize. The origin of this tradition has ties with Spain after two young boys were held as prisoners in a pickle barrel who were reduced by Saint Nicolas and brought back to life.

This tradition is so popular, you can practically find a pickle ornament with Christmas decor in any store. This tradition is simple and fun for the whole family will enjoy.

Hiding Cleaning Supplies From Witches
Norway has a Christmas tradition of hiding cleaning supplies from mischievous witches and spirits. According to Norwegian folklore, witches and spirits soar in the sky flying on brooms causing mischief. This folklore created a tradition in which Norweigian families hide any cleaning supplies attached to sticks such as a broom from witches to prevent mischief.

The Pohutukawa Tree
The traditional Christmas tree might be a spruce or fir but the people of New Zealand celebrate the holidays with the native pohutukawa tree. An Australian geologist, Ferdinand von Hochstetter, recorded the first mention of the tradition in 1867 explaining how locals would decorate their homes and churches with the brightly colored branches that are recognized as a symbol of Christmas in New Zealand.

Belfana The Christmas Witch
Italy celebrates Christmas in a truly unique way in regards to the date and folklore figure. Italy celebrates Christmas on the eve of January 5th instead of December 25th and celebrates a witch instead of Santa Claus. Italian folklore celebrates Belfana for Christmas who enters the chimney and leaves treats in stockings and presents for good children.

Author: Karli Wallace

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