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An average American Woman spends a total of $15,000 in her lifetime on beauty products. When I first heard this stat, I am ashamed to say that I was not surprised, given the fact that eye creams, facials, skin care, and hair products can cost a pretty penny, no matter whether you are shopping at Walmart or The Body Shop.

Not only do these products cost a small fortune, but they are also filled with chemicals and ingredients that most people can’t even begin to pronounce.

However, some skin experts believe in a more natural take on beauty care. Aka, if you can eat it, then you may be able to use it as a DIY hack to your weekly beauty routine. One expert suggests rummaging through your pantry for these six ingredients: Apple cider vinegar, green tea, coconut oil, soft brown sugar, and caster oil. These six items are simple, meaning that the skin and hair do not have to process very much in order to be able to take in the benefits.


Place green tea bags soaked in cold water to de-puff your eyes and get rid of baggy circles.


Mix brown sugar and baking soda to make a facial scrub in order to get rid of dead skin and leave your face glowing. Then, use apple cider vinegar as an easy substitute for facial toner. Add turmeric and honey to help further tone and shrink those pores.


Replace your complicated shaving cream with coconut oil, and rejoice at your utter lack of bumps and cuts.


Caster oil can be used to increase hair growth on eyelashes, scalp, and eyebrows.

These six items only cost about $40 all together, and you only need to buy them if you don’t already have them in your pantry (which you probably do if you are a civilized human.)

Author: Kaitlyn Kinshella

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