Ever Wonder Why You Love Yoga So Much? Here’s a Scientific Explanation

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There is no denying the effects of yoga. Something about yoga just relaxes the body and the mind and even though you aren’t any good at it, you keep coming back for more. And no diss to essential oils, but there is actually a science behind it and a reason as to why it works.

Yoga is one of the oldest arts known to man. Monks have been practicing yoga for centuries, and for good reason. It is a form of relaxation and a total body reset that most people need or at least want. But in case you say that all of the bending and stretching isn’t for you, here are a few scientific reasons as to why you should practice yoga.

Yoga relieves anxiety and can improve your overall state of being. The reduction in stress and anxiety can be felt being released from your body through various positions. This can lead to increased happiness, a sense of feeling more relaxed, and even less stressed out.

In case your mental health isn’t enough, yoga also reduces inflammation can help with sore muscles and other minor aches and pains caused by your body being out of alignment.

For more information on the health benefits of yoga, or to hear more about how yoga can improve your life, check out the video above.

Author: Rosemary Clipper

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