Fans Are Going Full-On Detective About Miley’s New Ink

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Deciding to get a tattoo often requires a lot of consideration. What will I get? Where do I want it? Will I still like it in 10 years? What will I say to people when inevitably asked, “what does that tattoo mean?” Whether your tattoo has strong sentimental value or you got it done purely because you liked how it looked, anyone with ink can relate to the consistent questioning for a deeper meaning for your tattoos.

For celebrities with lots of tats, many have both meaningful and aesthetically pleasing body art that they are either comfortable openly talking about or prefer to keep the inspiration private. As for Miley Cyrus’s many tattoos, a combination of sentiment and looks at the reasoning for her ink. Her collection grew a bit more recently, as the singer and actress got two new tattoos and shared them with her followers on Instagram alongside famous tattoo artist, Daniel Winter.

Her two new tattoos include one on her hand and one on the back fo her shoulder. On her hand, the word “freedom” is written delicately in cursive and on her shoulder is a copied note from Yoko Ono saying “I’m proud of you, Yoko”. Always looking for a deeper meaning, fans have gone crazy trying to pin down exactly what the freedom tattoo signifies.

Is it a subtle diss to ex-husband Liam Hemsworth following the divorce end of their decade long relationship this past summer? A nod to her sexuality, as Cyrus has openly dated men and women this year? Or perhaps more lyrical and inspired by her song Mother’s Daughter? The singer hasn’t said. But the speculation from fans grows stronger every day. Maybe it’s a nod to her favorite American core value…who knows!

Author: Brooke West

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