FLOTUS Melania Trump Unveils Her Final White House Christmas Decoration

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First lady Melania Trump reveals her last White House Christmas decoration and “American the Beautiful” theme. Melania thanked the volunteers for decorating the White House to promote “the spirit of peace and joy fill the historic rooms and halls of the People’s House.”

Melania’s First Lady philanthropic mission Be Best promotes the prevention of bullying and being one’s best self through beauty. Melania has incorporated Be Best pieces for Christmas decoration including the decorations for 2020.

Each room is decorated with a special theme with the White House Library featuring decor celebrating the 100th anniversary of the ratification of the 19th amendment guaranteeing women the right to vote. The White House Library features art from a child art contest with Trump’s favorites being displayed.

The Blue Room features the official White House Christmas tree display that showcases the country from the perspective of children. Students across the U.S. were encouraged to create their own ornament celebrating the places and people of America that make it beautiful.

Melania explained that the theme was inspired by her travel throughout the U.S. and visiting the nation’s landmarks as First Lady. She also wanted to celebrate the history, traditions, and values of America despite facing controversy after Melania was caught disparaging Christmas during a recorded phone call.

In October, a recorded phone call with Melania and a former friend, Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, was leaked to the media with Melania disparaging Christmas amidst the tense political environment surrounding her husband’s anti-immigration policies. During the phone call, Melania vents to her former friend about how people are portraying her as the villain for supporting her husband’s anti-immigration policies are keeping families apart while she is assigned to decorate for Christmas.

In the recorded phone conversation Melania expresses her frustration of people thinking she is complicit when she doesn’t want families to be separated due to Trump’s imposed immigration policies. The FLOTUS goes on explicitly stating her disinterest in her role as First Lady for decorating the White House for Christmas and blaming people for not treating Obama in the same manner for what she claims was enforcing the same policies.

Since the backlash from the released phone conversation, the U.S. has wondered how Melania will handle carrying out one of her final duties as First Lady before Trump’s exit from office. Melania has yet to acknowledge her negative remarks in the past but maintained her prior decoration themes focusing on beauty.

Author: Chaz Page

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