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The time of year to travel is upon us. Millions of people will hop on planes this season to travel all over the world. Some will catch a short flight to go see family and friends. Others will travel to new destinations, worlds away, to see places and cultures that they haven’t experienced yet. Whichever route you decide, here are a few tips to travel on the cheap.

For those of you who are looking for something new and exotic, Europe has some amazing hotel deals that are just shy of giving away a room. Lisbon, Portugal is an exciting place that is rich in both culture and experiences. And for just $88 a night, anyone can afford to make the trek. If Portugal isn’t your thing, you can check out its neighbor Madrid, Spain. Madrid offers hotels starting at $78 per night. Although it isn’t running off the bull season, it might still be worth some consideration.

If the overseas flights are still a little too pricey for you, there are many good state-side options available as well. Chicago can be a budget-friendly city. Some holiday rates have been reported as low as $130 a night. The city of Chicago is rich in holiday activities, especially the Christmas tree lighting and even the ice rinks. And of course the snow and overall outdoor holiday experience. Other options are available too for those who might be looking for a simple 1-day getaway. There are apps out there like “Hotel Tonight” that give you rock bottom deals on hotels the same night.

Whichever route you decide to go this year, take a trip and get out there. Find a way that in your budget to see family or experience something new. After all, this should be the merriest time of the year.

Author: Tom Jacobs

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