How To Give Up Sugar Without Ruining Your Life

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This week, Lucie Fink tried giving up the food she loves most in the world – processed sugar! Some suggested she cut out sugar gradually, but Lucie went all-in and stopped cold turkey. Watch to see how she felt after five days sans sweets.

Some believe that processed sugar is our generation’s cigarettes. We all grew up knowing that cigarettes are bad for you, but were given plenty of sugar in our diets. It is important to know the difference between natural sugar and processed sugar. Fructose is the sugar that is naturally found in fruits, vegetables, honeys and whole foods. Sucrose, however is the sugar that is found in white processed sugar, candy bars, and fruity drinks.

Therefore, it is important to keep fruit in your diet, but cut out all processed sugar. For breakfast, rather than making a packet of oatmeal, use 100% whole-grain oats as a replacement. Additionally, cutting out refined sugar can help you sleep better at night. Eating sugary foods in the afternoon can make your blood sugar crash right before dinner, leaving you feeling starving.

Maintaining a constant healthy blood sugar prevents that early evening “crash”. Being aware of how much sugar is in everything makes you realize that your morning coffee, cocktails and other things you eat and drink daily can be filled with sugar. Paying attention to what you’re putting in your body can be empowering!

Author: Kristen Farley

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