How To Style Your Hair Using A Hair Wand

Bella Breakdown
Why fight the hair you’re born with? Instead, style it! Don’t blow dry out all the natural texture and wavy fullness that you hair already has, instead, work with it using a hair wand for an effortless look. Our favorite is the CONAIR You Curl Toumaline Infinity Wand.


Because it’s shaped like a cone, curls towards the crown of the head are looser and get more defined and tighter towards the bottom.

Just start by taking a two inch section and hold the wand perpendicular to your body, using your right hand for the left side of your head and vice-versa. Wrap the section of hair around the wand and hold for ten seconds.

Repeat for the rest of your head and lightly mist with a flexible hair spray.

Enjoy the many good hair days to come!

Author: Amy

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