Madonna Lashes Out After London Palladium Cuts Performance Short

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Last Wednesday Madonna’s Madame X show came to a halt when the London Palladium dropped the curtains before Madonna could perform the last song of her set. Madonna lashed out chanting “censorship” repeatedly when the venue turned off the lights and dropping the main curtain.

The Venue claims that she was breaking their strict curfew, requiring all the performances to end at 11 p.m. and even warned Madonna of the strict curfew. Madonna only had one more song to perform but the venue adhered to their strict curfew.

Madonna claims that the venue dropped the iron fire curtain that weighs nine tons, saying that the London Palladium nearly injured her and her dancers. The London Palladium denies the staff dropped the iron fire curtain but didn’t directly comment on cutting the show short.

Madonna disclosed to the audience during her first night playing the London residency that she was warned by the Westminster council that her show would be cut short if she went past the curfew and that they would drop the iron curtain. After dropping the curtain Madonna finished the show singing her last song acapella accompanied by her dancers in front of the dropped curtains.

Author: Alicia Rodriguez

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