Must-Visit Travel Destinations For Vodka Lovers

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For some travelers, seeing the world to learn about the different cultures isn’t what they truly want. Instead, some like visit a variety of countries for the alcohol and if you’re a vodka lover these are the best places for you to see.

Warsaw, Poland:
Known as being a part of the world’s “vodka belt,” Poland is just as known for its vodka as Russia. Now lovers of the spirit can take a tour in Warsaw’s vodka museum which offers tourists a glimpse into Poland’s vodka history with food and drink tastings.

St. Petersburg, Russia:
Poland isn’t the only place where tourists can visit a vodka museum. Tourists taking a trip to what is most known as the home of vodka can also enjoy seeing the country’s one-of-a-kind vodka bottles and glasses. By either guiding yourself through the exhibitor with an English-speaking guide, tourists can also enjoy a tasting tour.

Schiedam, the Netherlands:
Home to Ketel One vodka, Schiedam is the perfect place for vodka lovers. Founded in 1691, the distillery offers tourists two hours of viewing the property. Taking a look at the distillery’s new windmill, vodka lovers can see first hand how the Ketel One vodka is made.

See what other destinations are perfect for vodka lovers in the video above.

Author: Lilly Roberts

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