Old-School Parenting Tips That Still Work Today

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Though times are a-changing and parenting is following suit, there are some old-school parenting techniques that still work today. Just because we have realized that overly-strict parenting is not the answer, that doesn’t mean overly-lax parenting needs to take center stage. It’s a balance of order and play that will allow your child the best opportunity to becoming a happy adult. Most of us strive to do better than our parents did, but try implementing these ‘old-school’ parenting techniques and see what happens!

1. Eat meals together: Dinner is often the easiest meal to eat as a family, so perhaps use dinner time as the family meal. Bringing the family together over food has been a tradition as old as time that will help bond familial ties. It’s also a great time to practice communication skills and manners with your children.
2. Don’t bail them out of boredom: The easiest thing to do these days is put a smartphone or tablet into a kid’s hands when they are bored. But, don’t take the easy way out. Let your child find their own way out of boredom, just like they did in the old days! This is where your child’s creativity will blossom.
3. Make bedtime consistent: Consistency with something small like a bedtime can teach children the importance and benefits of discipline.
4. Chores: They will never go out of style! Make sure to give them chores that match their age and their abilities. Of course, chores teach discipline and the benefits of a little hard work.
5. Hygiene: Teach good hygiene! Teach your child the pros and cons of good and/or poor hygiene.
6. Volunteer together: It’s one thing to tell your kids about volunteering, and it’s another to do it together.

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