Simple Food Tips For A Healthier You

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They say fitness starts in the kitchen. All the weightlifting and cardio in the world can’t trump a poor diet. Whether or not you subscribe to that mantra, it is a fact that diet is an important part of any healthy living lifestyle.

But a healthy diet doesn’t have to include hours of meal prep and eating plain white rice and chicken three times a day. You can actually curve your unhealthy eating habits with just a few simple changes.

One easy thing you can try is eating vegetables at breakfast. I know that this sounds crazy, but eating vegetables for breakfast can actually keep you fuller longer and jump-start your morning metabolism. Along the same lines, adding protein for breakfast like bacon or even chicken can help you make the most of your meals.

Snacks are an inevitable thing. But they don’t have to completely derail your diet. Choosing healthy snacks like apples and nuts will help you feel full while also providing your body and muscles with high-quality protein and nutrients. The fruit is also a good snack and can even be a tasty dessert treat when you are looking for something sweet.

Author: Taylor Basilio

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