The Cheapest European Tour You Can Find

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Coming from an experienced world traveler (I took a European tour in high school for a week) doing a roundabout through European cities should be on everyone’s bucket list. The architecture, culture, and especially the food is all one-of-a-kind, and it’s a great getaway. The problem is, people think it’s too expensive.

To be fair, it is, or it can be. But here are five travel destinations in Europe that can give you the breathtaking experience without breaking the bank:

Athens, Greece
When a country’s economy isn’t doing so well, tourism is one way to try and reel money back in. So you can enjoy all the great views and ancient architecture as well as participate in some urban lifestyle all while spending as little as possible.

Prague, Czech Republic
Looking for something more old-school? The Baroque architecture of Prague and cobblestone paths make for a cultural experience that will make you feel like you’ve flown back in time. And trust me, you’re wallet will feel like it’s back before inflation took over the nation as well.

Moscow, Russia
If you love looking at grand church architecture, this is the stop for you. You’ve never seen such daunting buildings with artsy style like the ones in Moscow.

Riga, Latvia
I’m sure if you told people you visited here, they’d think it was a fictional country. But Riga is actually home to a large metropolis area filled with high-energy and great European surprises.

Krakow, Poland
Museum junkies, this is your stop. Not only is it considered one of the prettiest cities in Poland, its filled with galleries and cafes that can excite anyone on a budget.

So don’t let your wallet hold you back from traveling, and check that European tour off your bucket list. Just don’t expect to be visiting Paris if you’re on a budget.

Author: Josh Harlow

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