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No matter what season, what budget, or what lifestyle you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered. That’s right, here at Whoabella, we’ve put together a rolling clip of some of the top 10 travel destinations that will fit anyone’s desire.

The first is a roll of the top ten most beautiful countries to visit. From my personal experience, I’d pick out Morocco and Greece, to get two different sides of beauty. The list also includes South Africa and Tanzania as some top destinations, or you could pick up a great sunset view from Chile. No matter which of these countries you visit, you’re in for a spectacular view.

The next video clip shows off the top ten landmarks across the world. If you’re the type that likes to gaze at grandiose views and buildings, this is where you should take note. We’ve got your standard entries, like the Golden Gate Bridge and Taj Mahal, and then some lesser known yet still extravagant beauties. The Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi is a mesmerizing landmark that was just completed in 2006. Additionally, take a spin to the Mezquita Cathedral in Spain for another gorgeous building that was rumored to be home of the Roman God, Janus.

Our final top ten clip shows you travel experiences, so thrill-seekers, this is for you. The Sydney Bridge Climb is a staple, as you traverse the top of Australia’s most famous monument, and the Vatican VIP Experience, for those who wanna get their history groove on.

There are way more than 30 different places to travel, but here are the ones we love the most, and we’re sure you’ll love too!

Author: Josh Harlow

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