These IKEA Inspired Baby Names Will Make Your Day

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We love IKEA, and we love babies…so why not combine the two and create IKEA-inspired baby names? This is no joke, as parents are turning to Ikea furniture for baby name inspiration. Perhaps we are running out of inspiration for baby names and are relying on retailers, like IKEA, who use charming names for their items. Babycentre says, “IKEA is known for the charming Scandinavian it gives its products, and many work surprisingly well as baby names.”

Here are the best baby names, inspired by the Swedish retailer:
1. Sommar: Meaning ‘summer.’
2. Ingo: Meaning, ‘protected by Yngvi,’ who is the main god for the Ingvaeones.
3. Mydal
4. Stig: Meaning, ‘wanderer.’
5. Norna: Meaning, ‘to whisper something to someone.’

Author: Amy

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