These Netflix Shows Are Great To Watch As You Fall Asleep

(Photo Credit: Netflix/Silverback Films)

Bella Breakdown

The term “Netflix and Chill” has come to mean something other than chilling. However, you can easily make the term literal by watching these streaming shows that will definitely help you fall asleep.

‘Our Planet’
There is no better way to lull yourself to sleep than with a documentary that focuses on nature. You don’t even need to keep your eyes open as you learn about the world’s beautiful lakes, oceans, and rainforests. In fact, the Netflix original will sound so soothing you most likely wouldn’t even make it past the first 10 minutes.

‘Chef’s Table’
Here’s another docu-series that will definitely help you drift off into dreamland. Focusing on the beautiful creations from world-renowned cooks, this series brings you some of the most delicate dishes that will have you dreaming of the best food.

“Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee”
Hosted by Jerry Seinfeld, this series follows the former stand-up comedian as he drives around in a vintage car specifically selected for the comedic guest. The two then head to a café or restaurant where the two sit down for coffee and discuss both silly and deep conversations.

Author: Maya Dixon

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