This Is the Most Vegan-Friendly City In The World

Bella Breakdown

According to the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), Los Angeles, California has embraced a meat and dairy free dining culture better than anyone else in the country. With popular vegan dinning options like Gratitude, Crossroads and Shojin, it’s no wonder that the city was dubbed the ‘most vegan-friendly city in the world.’

But that’s not where it ends. Of course, there must be a celebration! DJ, animal rights activist and vegan, Moby, will be hosting said party. The philanthropist has his own vegan cocktail bar in New York City, called Ladybird. On May 15th, Moby is officiating the reception honoring the city of L.A for being the most vegan-friendly city in the U.S. To commemorate the occasion, Chef Ray Duey be will also be there to prepare a replica of the Hollywood sign. The sign won’t be your typical Hollywood sign, but rather carved out of veggies of course.

“Los Angeles has now been named the vegan capital of the world, and I’m proud to live here because there is vegan food galore,” said Moby in a statement released by PETA.

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