This Kim And Kanye News Is Hard To Believe

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Kim Kardashian is notorious for her scantily clad photo shoots, and her shockingly sexy Instagram posts. Kim is the last person to care what anyone thinks about her near naked, and sometimes all the way naked, social media posts. But, we were definitely not aware that Kanye isn’t a fan of Kim showing off her sexy pictures on social media. Kim admitted during her interview with Ellen DeGeneres that Kanye will sometimes get upset with some of her more scandalous pictures.

Okay, does anyone else find this totally hard to believe? I personally thought Kanye would be the one directing how the photo shoots would go. It actually says a lot about Kim too, it’s kind of cool that she is not going to let anyone dictate how she presents herself on social media, not even her husband.

She is definitely not anyone’s property. However, she does say that she is attempting to be more conservative with her posts, to which we say… “yeah, okay” *insert eye roll here*. We aren’t sure what exactly Kim dictates as ‘conservative’, but none the less, we say do your thing, Kim.

Kanye’s reaction to her pictures are often unpredictable, much like everything else Kanye does. So Kim will probably just keep doing whatever she wants.

Author: Alicia Rodriguez

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