Tips For Dealing With In-Laws

A big part of getting married is that you are now a part of a whole other family. Congratulations, you now have in-laws. Sometimes it is a gamble as far as how your significant other’s family is going to be.

They could be extremely nice and welcoming, or they could be absolute nightmares. Or, they could be anything in between. However they are, you’re kind of stuck with them as long as you want to remain with your partner. So, what is the best way to deal with in-laws that will impress your partner, and keep you sane?

1. Create Boundaries
Discuss with your partner what you will or will not tolerate when it comes to their families. Are you willing to spend all holidays with them?
How long will you allow them to stay with you? Is a particular in-law too involved in your relationship? These discussions do not need to resort in a fight, but they should be discussed and compromised upon.

2. Remain Pleasant
Regardless of if one of your in-laws in pushing your buttons, it is always best to just remain pleasant. You do not have to engage in a discussion where you might not agree with a certain opinion.
Remain neutral. Remain nice. You won’t make waves, and guess what? You likely do not have to live with that person, so just let it be for the time being.

3. Talk to Your Partner
If you really have a legitimate issue with one of your partner’s family members, it is okay to discuss that issue with your partner.
That way they can either mediate, or they’ll understand why you might not prefer to participate in any family outings.

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