When Will Disneyland Renew Annual Passes?

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Disneyland fans were swift in the response to the ending of the beloved annual pass program from fans who are consecutive pass holders and others who believe the culture of pass holders detracts from having a personal park experience. The California theme park has canceled the program for now but is promising to bring the program back with limited details.

Disneyland canceled the annual pass program due to the COVID-19 pandemic with limitations reopening the California theme park promising refunds for eligible Disneyland Resort Annual Passports with the current program discontinued. Disneyland President Ken Potrock promises they are working on developing a new membership program to utilize value and flexibility for Disney fans.

Disneyland fans are left wondering when they will be considering offering a new annual pass program but they’ll be waiting a while for the new program. Reports indicate the new annual pass program won’t be available until 2022 and will likely be more expensive.

Disney CEO Bob Chapnek indicated prices on Disneyland annual passes will be increased during a quarterly earnings call in February. Disneyland will be pulling back from operations within the theme parks for some time to consider the cost and revenue of the business that can impact the price of everything offered at Disneyland.

Disneyland’s financial restructuring could impact prices on everything including regular theme park admission tickets, Disneyland’s hotels, and even food. Disneyland is also exploring operating options that require less regulation including a new event, A Touch of Disney, for $75 per ticket guests will be able to only shop, take photos around the park, and buy food with an included $25 food credit for food or nonalcoholic drink purchase.

This new model of limited access tickets for comparably lower prices will help the park maintain lower operating costs while giving Disneyland more time to reconsider when they will be bringing back the annual pass program. Disneyland is estimated to have approximately one million pass holders before ending the program and proves there is a massive demand for guests spending more in 2020 compared to 2019.

So far it seems that Disneyland could possibly reconsider bringing back the annual pass holder program by 2022 likely with a price increase. Only time will tell the future of Disneyland’s annual pass holder program.

Author: Carolyn Andrews

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