Win A Costume Contest With These Great Halloween Costume Ideas

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Selecting a Halloween costume is never easy – there are so many different factors to consider such as cost, personal style, time, accessibility, gramablity… the list goes on. Here are some tips to help you work out how to get it right!

Group Theme
Come up with a theme which your whole group agrees on for Halloween this year and help each other out! Having a theme narrows down your choices and makes it much easier to select the items you need. It can be a lot of fun getting together and replicating a look, plus the photos will look amazing!

Get A Makeup Artist
If Halloween is one of your favorite holidays, why not go all out as you would for a big event and book a makeup artist. Find someone who enjoys special effects makeup (try contacting makeup schools if you want to save on money with students often looking for work experience!) and push your look to the limit.

Look To The Stars
There is no better place to find costume inspiration than Hollywood! Have a quick Google search of “best celebrity Halloween costumes” and hundreds of examples will come up. While it is great to be original, a little inspo can go a long way! Better yet, rather than copying a celebrity’s costume, go as the celebrity themselves.

Keep It Simple
Avoid spending too much money on a costume which will likely never be touched again by utilizing an item you already own or selecting a good basic as the basis for your costume. An oversized t-shirt or t-shirt dress can be belted and covered with pretend blood using red paint and will only cost $10-$15, or better yet, will already be hanging in your closet! Make the most of accessories. Your craft supplies and the details to bring your basic piece to life – stockings, pull up socks, wild paint work and crazy hair and makeup are enough to take your costume to the top.

Author: Brooke Alburn

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