Patty Madden Leggings will Turn the Gym into a Runway


6 Beautifully Chic Leggings You Never Knew You Needed

At only $55 a pair, each uniquely patterned legging is thick yet breathable, and the raised waistline works as shapewear to create an extra flattering look!

Not buying these leggings for athletic purposes? That’s fine too! Patty Madden’s designs are works of art that bring vibrancy to your street style.

Art Of Where prints and sews these leggings by hand in Montreal, Canada with love… and also a formula of 88% polyester and 12% spandex. Since Patty Madden leggings have such high fabric quality, you never have to worry about colors fading, and the ultra-stretch fabric holds its shape even after you’ve worn them for a week straight (not that we’ve ever done that before…).

#1 – Jadette Pink


Jadette Pink leggings are our personal faves, the perfect mix of galaxy shades of pink make the pattern irresistible. We’d pair these was a super simple, oversized and off-the-shoulder black top.

Shop the look HERE!

#2 – Cerilla


The Cerilla 2 (OL) design will have you feeling (to be read in the tune of Katy Perry) “supernatural, extraterrestrial” the bold metallic pattern will make a statement wherever you’re headed. Maybe try out a bright red, or blue top with this pattern to offset the blacks and silvers!

Shop the look HERE!

#3 – Chevet


Chevet 1’s blue and black stripping is classy and cool, making it the perfect option for a day at work or a day on the mats. At night an oversized gray top would look great with these flattering bottoms.

Shop the look HERE!

#4 – Chitano


The Chitano pattern will take you on a trip with its psychedelic mash-up of reds, yellows, and purples; go with a black v-neck to complete this look.

Shop the look HERE!

#5 – Dalia Rose


The Dalia Rose pink ombre pattern is accented perfectly with light white and silver cross-hatching; we’d pair this with a white tank top and crisp white sneakers.

Shop the look HERE!

#6 – Boing

The Boing leggings feature a clean-line design that’ll elevate even the simplest of athleisure looks. Wear these too-chic-for-words leggings with a fitted tank and denim jacket for a casual yet clean street-style outfit.

Shop the look HERE!

If you fell in love with these AMAZING Patty Madden prints (like we did) then be sure to check them out on Instagram (@PattyMadden) and head over HERE to shop the full Patty Madden legging collection!

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