Is “Healthy Food” Truly Healthy?

Bella Breakdown

Trying to figure out if “healthy food” is truly healthy can be a bit frustrating. You might think you are making a good health-conscious decision by eating a meal you were told was healthy, but in reality you might be surprised to find out about a certain secret ingredient. This secret ingredient that was added to your meal may not actually be considered healthy. A great way to find out if you are unknowingly eating unhealthy food is to do some easy and quick research and start getting used to reading the labels. One of the secret ingredients you will find hidden in your “healthy meal” is sugar.

A great example is in ‘healthy alternative’ foods. A lot of unhealthy foods, like potato chips, have plenty of ‘healthy’ options as alternatives. But, that doesn’t actually mean they are healthy. In a lot of these potato chip alternatives, you will find a lot more salt then the advertised non-healthy counterpart. Another thing that is often advertised as healthy, that really isn’t, are a lot of salad dressings. Creamy dressings like ranch dressings and Caesar dressings, tend to be much worse than a vinaigrette. If you want your salad to stay green and healthy, go for a vinaigrette. Make sure you read the label…checking sugar, sodium, fat and calories instead of just calorie content.

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