We Need This Fire Filipino Burger

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Filipino food should not be pigeonholed to only it’s odd delicacies such as balut, the boiled, partially developed bird embryo. No! It’s so much more than that, with foods like pork adobo, ube ice cream, or chicken bistek! Filipino food has recently been gaining some major credit in the main stream food industry, and deservedly so. One restaurant has taken some delicious Filipino favorites and combined it with some classic American comfort foods.

Flip ‘n Patties, located in Houston Texas, has created some insanely delicious fusion foods, including the Jeepney burger. This mouthwatering burger is created with Filipino steamed buns, Filipino sausage, banana ketchup aioli, tomato, and a fried egg. The restaurant also features a Filipino desert burger that utilizes Ube ice cream, vanilla ice cream, condensed milk, and Filipino steamed buns.

If you haven’t already booked a flight to Houston, you should probably also check out their Flip n’ fries that include some of the crispiest, thickest fries I’ve ever seen; topped with shredded cheese, beef, banana ketchup aioli, spicy sauce and cilantro. I don’t think I’ve stopped drooling since I started this video. Seriously, send help… or send Flip n’ Burgers, whichever is faster. I think we’ll all be adding Flip n’ Burgers to our bucket list after watching this video.

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